Real-World Asset Tokenization

Zuma provides a platform for digitizing securities (shares, bonds, etc.), issuing these in order to raise funds for a project, longer-term management of a group of tokenized investors, as well as trading.

Real-World Assets Tokenization

It is a process in which real shares are created as digital tokens on a blockchain. Tokenizing your real estate or renewables project can help you raise capital more efficiently by giving investors unprecedented access to private investments, transparency, and liquidity.

Zuma’ platform can be used for any type of fund-raise and issuance with assets such as real estate, renewables, startups, etc.

Depending on your needs and scale, choose your strategy:

A) Put your project on our website, along with other verified investments

B) “White-label” platform, meaning that it is exclusively sold to partners who offer the platform under their own brand name.

The Zuma Platform can be used in connection with financing 

but it can also be used in connection with the tokenization of existing assets, funds or companies, in order to create more liquidity for existing investors and make it easier to on-board new investors.

Zuma Platform


Investor registration and verification (KYC / AML)

Token Purchase

Electronic document workflow and signatures

Corporate Management

Tokenized shareholder register over multiple share classes

Investor communication & voting


Freeze / renewal of tokens


Internal exchange

Integration to custodians, banks and payment platforms

Benefits for All

Asset Owner

Your own real estate or renewables crowdfunding platform

Digitizes and automates many processes related to financing and management of investors

Advanced share cap table module

Allows investing in most currencies

Uses audited smart contracts for high safety and security

Offers instant liquidity through OTC marketplace

Shareholder meetings, votes, etc.

Electronic signatures

Tokens are compatible with exchanges, custodians, etc.


Digital shares

Cost effective trading

Transferable shares

24/7 Markets

Rapid settlement

Platform Operator

Fast and flexible customization of platform

Ability to serve many clients

Strong recurring revenue source from assets

Become a tokenization provider in your region

Traditional real world assets such as real estate, stocks and bonds are increasingly moved to blockchain infrastructure

Due to the many benefits of this technology, such as lightning fast settlement, 24/7 trading, access to international investors and a significantly increased liquidity.


Costly, paper-based, and time-consuming processes

Almost zero liquidity

Primary Gains

Digitized and automated processes

Immediate trading and liquidity (premium: 20-30%)

Secondary Gains

Ability to fractionalize/democratize:

– reduced ticket size
– increased diversification

Access to new types of investors

Access to new global infrastructure of investors and secondary liquidity

Programmable tokenized shares for automation of cross-border transfers,
lock-up periods, dividend payment, etc.

Smart “functions”: custody, DeFi lending, atomic transfer, etc.

Increased security by removal of human errors

Transparency and traceability

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